Active Shooter & Mass Casualty Events: Prevention, Response, Investigation

1 October: Route 91 Harvest Music Festival (Las Vegas)

Ofcr. Kevin Stephens, Assistant Team Leader, LVMPD SWAT     

FBI Response to Mass Casualty

Special Agent Rebecca Marriott, LA-FBI Evidence Response Team

Mass Casualty Threat Assessment & Prevention

Ofcr. Bradley Burruel, Santa Cruz PD

Active Shooter Training Videos for LE & Civilians

Dep. Yury Polissky & Mr. Vance Kotrla, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Sandy Hook, Pulse, Aurora, San Bernardino: Lessons Learned

Lt. Scott Dukakis (ret.), El Segundo PD & Dr. Brian Juckett, Gardena PD
Aegis Training and Consulting Group

 Seminar is open to law enforcement (active/retired/reserve) and executive-level private security. Credentials must be presented. No media.

IMPORTANT! Enter campus on the Mountain St. side, 500’ west of Glendale Fwy (2); park in multi-level lot


Thursday, April 18, 2019
07:30 am - 05:00 pm
Glendale Community College Auditorium, 1500 North Verdugo Road, Glendale