Policing Cryptocurrencies and the Dark Web / Organizing Cases for Filing Review & Best Practices

This 8-hour course is designed to provide law enforcement personnel with a basic understanding of overlay networks (TOR, I2P, Freenet) and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), commonly associated with the dark web. Circumstances will arise where an investigation may lead to an area of the internet not often traversed by everyday internet users. This area of the internet is only accessible by special software and/or browser settings that preclude the unskilled investigator from conducting a thorough investigation. This area is commonly used by criminals to traffic Child Pornography or run Black-Market sites associated with stolen credit cards, social security numbers, narcotics, and weapon sales.

The course includes hands-on instruction of the Dark Web and how to access and investigate nefarious sites. This is also the ONLY course to offer a LIVE Bitcoin Learning lab environment allowing the student to transact with Bitcoin.  Students will understand the difference between Dark Web and Deep Web; Search engines and how they index content; Overlay networks such as TOR and how it works; Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and how they function.

Instructors will discuss the significant challenges for law enforcement who investigate Cyber Criminals cases, how to start an investigation, and how to organize your case for prosecution.  Learn how to present and organize a case for filing with the DA’s Office, Cyber Crime Division in particular. Including addressing charging recommendations, statute of limitations, theories of liability and restitution.

This training is recommended for law enforcement personnel assigned to high technology crime investigation units, white-collar crime units, fraud or forgery units, identity theft units as well as Corporate Security Fraud Investigators. 

Our instructors are recognized experts in their fields from the following agencies:

* Detective Tony Moore, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Fraud and Cyber Crimes Bureau

* Deputy District Attorney Michael Fern, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Cyber Crime Division

Maximum registration is 28, please register early.  A laptop will be provided.  Free parking in stalls along Norwalk Boulevard.

COVID Guidelines will be practiced.



Wednesday, November 10, 2021
07:30 am - 05:00 pm
Will be provided upon registration.