Search & Seizure & Search Warrants and Conducting Interviews & Interrogations

* Interview and Interrogation techniques that work (and those that don’t)

* Getting the 4th Amendment Right

* Warrantless Searches

* Search Warrants

* ALL PARTICIPANTS will receive a copy of the current LADA Search Warrant Manual!

* Electronic Surveillance

* California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (Cal ECPA) Search Warrants.

* Recent 4th Amendment case law


           OUR SPEAKERS:

            * George Olivo– Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

            * Mark Burnley – Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County


            Seminar is recommended for officers and deputies, detectives, supervisors,

detective trainers, and management.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
08:00 am - 05:00 pm
1880 Academy Road
Los Angeles, CA
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