Officer Survival Seminar

Course: LEOKA Officer Safety Awareness Training (OSAT): The mission of the FBI Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) Program is to reduce incidents of law enforcement deaths and assaults. This class will include multiple case studies related to 20-years of research.

Domestic Extremism Overview: Sovereign Citizens and The Rise of the Lone Wolf

The presence of the “Lone Wolf” within our society is growing at an alarming rate. It is far more difficult to detect and deter an individual who is acting alone as opposed to those who operate within an established group. This training will provide you with profiles and practices to help identify these dangerous individuals.

Active-Shooter Incidents in Southern California

This training is presented by law enforcement personnel who were at the scene and actively involved in each of the active-shooter incidents. They will cover the LAX Shooting; the murder of LAPD SWAT Officer Randy Simmons; the Isla Vista Shooting; and the North Hollywood Bank Shoot-Out.

Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Crimes

These are serious crimes plaguing our communities and made more difficult to police by reluctant and frightened victims. This training brings together instructors who are experts in identifying and prosecuting human trafficking and child exploitation crimes as well as those dedicated to the victims’ welfare.