Command and Control — De-escalation Training

The Command and Control segment of this training will teach active Leadership Skills in order to contain and minimize the negative impact of any incident or situation. It will also provide an overview of, and accountability for, managing incidents. That goes hand-in-hand with the De-Escalation and Tactical Communication segment which is designed to enhance officers’ […]

Police Video Issues Seminar

“Now You See It, Now You Don’t”: A Case Study of Technology in the Prosecution of Cops         Presenter: Michael D. Schwartz, Partner, Rains Lucia Stern St. Phalle & Silver, PC  “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy”: Videos and Police Civil Litigation           Presenter: Cory Brente, Senior Assistant City Attorney, Police Litigation Unit, L.A. City […]

Animal Cruelty, Education and Investigation

Animals are arguably the most defenseless of all victims. This training will cover the many aspects of animal cruelty from identification of crimes to developing and prosecuting cases. Crimes ranging from physical abuse, hoarding, and blood sports will be examined in-depth. First responders, detectives and anyone interested in forming partnerships and identifying available resources for […]

Cyber Crime/Fraud, Identity Theft Training

In this age of technology, Identity Theft can happen to anyone. This seminar will show you the most recent techniques criminals are using to steal identities and defraud the public and how to identify potential threats. You will also learn about Social Security Fraud, Cyber Crime, Elder Fiduciary Fraud and Cryptocurrencies. The training is recommended […]

Active Shooter & Mass Casualty Events: Prevention, Response, Investigation

1 October: Route 91 Harvest Music Festival (Las Vegas) Ofcr. Kevin Stephens, Assistant Team Leader, LVMPD SWAT      FBI Response to Mass Casualty Special Agent Rebecca Marriott, LA-FBI Evidence Response Team Mass Casualty Threat Assessment & Prevention Ofcr. Bradley Burruel, Santa Cruz PD Active Shooter Training Videos for LE & Civilians Dep. Yury Polissky & Mr. […]

Cannabis Laws, Investigations, & Prosecution

 The State of California is in a transition phase with regard to Marijuana/Cannabis. The use, distribution, and the new laws that affect individuals, as well as marijuana dispensaries, will be addressed in this training. Understanding what is and is not illegal and developing a case for prosecution are important factors to incorporate into your enforcement […]

Establishing and Maintaining Command Credibility

More so than any other dimension, the difference between leaders and managers are the exercise of actions, behaviors, attitudes and demeanors. From tenured and talented command officers to those who seek such positions, every attendee will gain additional skills and insight; it’s just a matter of degree – Guaranteed! Beyond the strengthening of individual skills, […]

Search and Seizure & Search Warrants and Conducting Interviews & Interrogations

* Interview and Interrogation techniques that work (and those that don’t) * Getting the 4th Amendment Right * Warrantless Searches * Search Warrants * ALL PARTICIPANTS will receive a copy of the current LADA Search Warrant Manual! * Electronic Surveillance * California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (Cal ECPA) Search Warrants. * Recent 4th Amendment case […]

Investigations: How to Preserve Social Media Evidence

BRING: A LAPTOP (Mandatory). HOT SPOT AND POWER CORD (Recommended) One way or another, social media is part of most investigations today, whether criminal or administrative. This unique, hands-on, interactive training starts with the basics of the preservation of social media evidence, then gets increasingly detailed and thorough as the day continues. You will learn, […]